How Much Does Treatment Cost, and How Do I Pay for It?

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  • Navigating the cost of addiction treatment through insurance, various payment options & more

Navigating the cost of addiction treatment can be overwhelming, but understanding your options can ease this part of the journey. A common question many families ask is, “Does my insurance cover drug and alcohol treatment?” The answer is often more reassuring than you might expect.

Insurance Coverage for Treatment

Major insurance providers, including Aetna, Cigna, United Healthcare, Horizon, Optum, and particularly Blue Cross Blue Shield, often cover addiction treatment to various extents. For many, the question, “Does my Blue Cross Blue Shield plan cover addiction treatment?” is a vital one. Coverage can vary, but it’s not uncommon for insurance to cover up to 100% of treatment costs, depending on your plan’s specifics.

Exploring Payment Options

At Milestone Addiction Treatment, we believe financial constraints shouldn’t prevent anyone from accessing the help they need. That’s why we offer guidance on navigating insurance policies and understanding the coverage details. Our team works closely with you to verify your insurance benefits and explain the coverage, ensuring there are no hidden costs or surprises.

What About Outpatient Rehab?

Outpatient rehab offers a flexible and cost-effective treatment option. It’s designed for those who need support while maintaining their daily responsibilities. This type of treatment includes individual therapy, support groups, and group therapy, focusing on reinforcing the skills and insights gained during more intensive treatment phases.

Collaborating with Sober Living Housing

Understanding the transition from treatment to everyday life is crucial, which is why we work with local sober living housing options to provide a seamless continuum of care. Navigating insurance can be complex and varies on a case-by-case basis, but our team is dedicated to assisting you in exploring all possible options. We encourage you to call us to understand how we can collaborate with sober living facilities to support your or your loved one’s journey to recovery.

Making Treatment Accessible

Our goal is to make the process as straightforward and stress-free as possible. If you’re asking, “How do I pay for treatment?” we’re here to assist you in exploring all available options, including insurance benefits, payment plans, and alternative financing options, to ensure that treatment is accessible and affordable for your loved one.

We understand that this is a challenging time, but you’re not alone. Reach out to us to discuss how we can support your journey to recovery, ensuring your loved one receives the care they deserve in a way that’s financially manageable for you.

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